Friday, 17 April 2009

Menace Ruine

You have to check them out if you have not already. Thanks to Roadburn for turning me on to this amazing French Canadian band. Originally had a tape out on Tour De Garde (also responsible for Uno Actu, Ash Pool, Akitsa and many more), 2 CDs out on Alien 8. Its incredible stuff: I have been pretty down on most of the shoegazing drone stuff that's been filling up the internet over the past couple of years - well, this takes some of that, Nadja, Angelic Process, adds some Velvet Cacoon, adds some Urfaust, then adds Nico (a la 'Marble Index', probably my favourite record ever). The second album 'The Die is Cast' goes the extra mile and I truly think they have synthesised something entirely new and wonderful. The Nico vocals are there in spades, slightly "buried in time and fog", but there are also touches of Dead Can Dance and Martial Industrial, but its all heavy and etherial at once. Totally recommend you check this out, not been this excited about a band for a while.

Also currently have GRAYCEON on heavy rotation, wonderful stuff. Every now and again I find that I have been a whole day without listening to any music, sometimes a few days, I get burnt out on it I think. Its good when something grabs you and pulls you back in.

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