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No Guts No Glory

Wow, she makes me feel very lazy.

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Black metal is considered by some to be an essentially MALE environment. Do you agree or do you think that women understand the music and aesthetics the same way?

E: "The women that I am in touch with within this environment are in many cases far more sincere and true to the arts than men. They are however few, but perhaps as many as the males I respect anyway. People who look down on women in this aspect simply have too small cocks. I however, have the cock of a fucking god."

worship and be damned

The head of a prehistoric anthropomorphic carved wooden idol. This was believed to relate to fishing and the sea in some way.

A birch mask used in shamanic rites.

Both photos from my visit to the Finnish National Museum in Helsinki.

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Urfaust is a hermit in the Black Metal "scene". We stand alone as a fist! We dedicate our lives to the rites of Intoxication, we worship the fallen Idols and don't give a fuck about the rest. Some are with us, most are against us, and this is the only way for us.

Urfaust is not based on any religion, only nihilism.
There are no differences but differences of degree between different degrees of difference and no difference.
- William James, under the influence of nitrous oxide

Monday, 15 March 2010


Mushroom Ambientcore
for True Headbangerz exclusively.

"Daudi Baldrs and Hlidskj√°lf would sound this way
if it were performed not by Vikernes but by
Euronimous' corpse abudantly stuffed with shroomz.
Thumbs up!" (c) Art of Anticreation.

Slim box CD.
Ltd to 50 whores marked w/ black pen.

tormented whores of da'aath.

And though Kendal looks fantastic for her age, her characterful wrinkles are readily apparent in the flesh. She does, however, confide one surprising piece of cosmetic surgery: “I’ve got a tattoo, and that’s probably wrong!”

She has? Really? Where? “Don’t worry,” she says, smiling wickedly as though mentally checking off the more interesting places on her body where a tattoo could go. “It’s on my foot. Ha, ha! It’s a star, but it’s just the beginning, there’s going to be other things. I’m looking for a turtle but I can’t find one.”

And she had this done recently? She’s turned 63 and suddenly decides now is the time to get herself tattooed? “Yes, and it’s the first time! The thing is, I now know which bits won’t go too wrinkly because they’ve already gone. You know where there’s a place left to put tattoos.” - The Times, 15/3/10

Friday, 12 March 2010

“the first rule of black metal is that YOU DO NOT FUCKING TALK ABOUT BLACK METAL.”

Monday, 11 January 2010

Nice quote:

"Hughes has never made any secret of his snobbery, in the cultural if not the social sense: 'I prefer the good to the bad, the articulate to the mumbling, the aesthetically developed to the merely primitive, and full to partial consciousness.'"
- from a clipping I found while tidying up, the Hughes in question being Robert Hughes, author of Things I Didn't Know.