Monday, 15 March 2010

And though Kendal looks fantastic for her age, her characterful wrinkles are readily apparent in the flesh. She does, however, confide one surprising piece of cosmetic surgery: “I’ve got a tattoo, and that’s probably wrong!”

She has? Really? Where? “Don’t worry,” she says, smiling wickedly as though mentally checking off the more interesting places on her body where a tattoo could go. “It’s on my foot. Ha, ha! It’s a star, but it’s just the beginning, there’s going to be other things. I’m looking for a turtle but I can’t find one.”

And she had this done recently? She’s turned 63 and suddenly decides now is the time to get herself tattooed? “Yes, and it’s the first time! The thing is, I now know which bits won’t go too wrinkly because they’ve already gone. You know where there’s a place left to put tattoos.” - The Times, 15/3/10

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