Tuesday, 31 March 2009

rise and shine

getting up at 7am gets things done, but carries the risk of an espresso overdose by around 11am.
Currently working on: improving AB website, improving Iron Pig website, LP sleeves, SUNN O))) merch ideas for May tour, Rose Kemp T for Roadburn, Burial Hex T, Sylvester Anfang II T, Alabaster Suns T, website copy, a website for a carpet shop in Indonesia, some postcards for AB (and a justification for said items), an interview with Aethenor for Equinox Festival, fliers for Equinox Festival, mailorder and a looming stock take. Ugghh... stock take...
Its amazing how little cash all of these fine projects are generating. I am considering becoming a charity.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Friday, 20 March 2009

Today I am mostly...

Today I a mostly working on various record covers and such like whilst loving the above PRURIENT record and eating Turkish biscuits. Also very happy to have thoroughly enjoyed KEVIN DRUMM's 'Imperial Distortion' double CD, which was so much calmer than I had expected. Still failed to get through 90% of this week's sonic influx.

Amazed to receive a package in the post this morning that I posted yesterday to someone in Germany. Apparently the 1cm sticker on the bottom left of the package which begins with the block capitals 'SENDER:' was more prominent than the 10 cm tall marker pen address on the fucking middle of the envelope with someone in Germany's address on. I totally fucking despair. Luckily I don't have to deal with the glorious Post Office much as I only run a mailorder business. Oh, wait...

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Like Christmas...

By 9 a.m. its already like Christmas today... In addition to yesterday's fine haul of the new L'Acephale and Sylvester Anfang II CDs showing up, and shipment from Conspiracy that includes the new Gnaw album, Khanate picture disc and Austrasian Goat "Piano and Stump" LP. Today's booty so far is my new PURPLE tyres which are badass and my trade package from Trilogy Tapes, which included three Ts, (how great is the monk potter??!), a Moondog promo, Black Lodge/IUD tape and a Folkways mixtape amongst others. Plus its sunny. Today is a good day.


Check it out, a blog with a music link that isn't stolen or illegal... wow.
Anyways, these fine folks above are Wisconsin's ZOLA JESUS, pictured in their live incarnation as a four piece when they visited New York's WFMU radio station to record a session. I was blown away when I first heard them, they are an amazing mix of several different styles, including "teenage Diamanda Galas" touches. Very excited by this band.
You can download the 4 track session here from the WFMU site. There's a split LP with BURIAL HEX in the works now, due out in the next month or two on Aurora Borealis, and apparently they are working on a full length right now.