Monday, 20 April 2009

Transilvanian Hunger...

That, my fine friends, is a bike lock with a DARKTHRONE 'Transilvanian Hunger' cover. It ONLY has 'Transilvanian Hunger' bootleg patches on, thus being both TRVE and KVLT whilst being most excellent also. I was bored while waiting ages for new software to install...
I might make a crust one next.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Menace Ruine

You have to check them out if you have not already. Thanks to Roadburn for turning me on to this amazing French Canadian band. Originally had a tape out on Tour De Garde (also responsible for Uno Actu, Ash Pool, Akitsa and many more), 2 CDs out on Alien 8. Its incredible stuff: I have been pretty down on most of the shoegazing drone stuff that's been filling up the internet over the past couple of years - well, this takes some of that, Nadja, Angelic Process, adds some Velvet Cacoon, adds some Urfaust, then adds Nico (a la 'Marble Index', probably my favourite record ever). The second album 'The Die is Cast' goes the extra mile and I truly think they have synthesised something entirely new and wonderful. The Nico vocals are there in spades, slightly "buried in time and fog", but there are also touches of Dead Can Dance and Martial Industrial, but its all heavy and etherial at once. Totally recommend you check this out, not been this excited about a band for a while.

Also currently have GRAYCEON on heavy rotation, wonderful stuff. Every now and again I find that I have been a whole day without listening to any music, sometimes a few days, I get burnt out on it I think. Its good when something grabs you and pulls you back in.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Its a wonderful world

The world is a remarkable place. Juliet pointed out the total futility of a cover story on the Vogue magazine that she blagged from work. Apparently there's a new way to wear you bag. You just hold it. Yes, you hold it. Holy fucking shit! No wonder that made the cover. In a world this retarded, its only right that you can buy CROM skateboards.

In other hot fashion news, I got the proof image for the SUNN O))) patch that's going to be on sale for the summer EU tour. This is the 'work in progress' proof, needs the text correcting.

I was going to post on things that I learned about over the weekend, but I kinda forgot most of them. One of them was that NICO (musical genius) died on a bicycle. I'm sure the other things were equally as crucial.
Got the new HEAVY WINGED 'Waking, shaking' LPs through, will be up on sale on AB soon. The whole thing came out killer: looks rad, more like a WARP release than something on AB. the vinyl is stupidly heavy. Also doing layout for the new GRUMBLING FUR CD/LP... Wondering what to do with type.

Oh, and last night I dreamt I was a swan and was surprised how easy it was to fly, but got freaked out by how fast you could get really high up because of the thermals.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Early start part 2

Early starting again here and its resulted in finally sending off patch art for SUNN O))), discussing interview questions with Aethenor, sending off the new SYLVESTER ANFANG II T shirt design and joining Twitter for AB - I figure it will be a fast and effective way of informing any techy AB fans of new stuff in the webshop and label developments. We'll see....

How great is this drawing? Its the cover of the new Oaken Throne 6 CD. You can check the artists out here:
Tin Can Forest