Thursday, 16 April 2009

Its a wonderful world

The world is a remarkable place. Juliet pointed out the total futility of a cover story on the Vogue magazine that she blagged from work. Apparently there's a new way to wear you bag. You just hold it. Yes, you hold it. Holy fucking shit! No wonder that made the cover. In a world this retarded, its only right that you can buy CROM skateboards.

In other hot fashion news, I got the proof image for the SUNN O))) patch that's going to be on sale for the summer EU tour. This is the 'work in progress' proof, needs the text correcting.

I was going to post on things that I learned about over the weekend, but I kinda forgot most of them. One of them was that NICO (musical genius) died on a bicycle. I'm sure the other things were equally as crucial.
Got the new HEAVY WINGED 'Waking, shaking' LPs through, will be up on sale on AB soon. The whole thing came out killer: looks rad, more like a WARP release than something on AB. the vinyl is stupidly heavy. Also doing layout for the new GRUMBLING FUR CD/LP... Wondering what to do with type.

Oh, and last night I dreamt I was a swan and was surprised how easy it was to fly, but got freaked out by how fast you could get really high up because of the thermals.

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