Tuesday, 6 October 2009

My Mac wouldn't wake up and I thought the world had ended. Tragic.

How did I miss that? doh...

Postman delivered bounty yesterday:
2 x tapes from SLOOW TAPES Im Jahrtal
'Reprisen Und Instrumentalstuecke' is especially killer...
1 x returned CD (wrong one sent out, oops...)
1 x Jonathan Meades 'Incest 7 Morris Dancing' hardback - stoked!
UPS delivered bounty:
1 x Bonfire Snowboards 'Mexican Blanket' style hooded sweatshirt - I fear it very much. But its good, I think... It pales into insignificance when compared to Attila as Mechagodzilla/mirror man.

I wonder what gems he will come out with this time around?

Lastly: "oh man, the hippy's got skills, trust me!" - small child on the BMX abilities of 'Taliban' Tom, pictured below:

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