Monday, 23 February 2009


This is how old I will be before I can afford the bits I want for my bike.

Cycled back across the Thames from Corsica Studios at about 1.30am last night after the SUNN O))) show, the roads were dead and the moon was out and it was a great end to a great evening.

I actually got to hear the new SUNN O))) album at Fortress studio on Saturday: Its incredible. The sound system in the studio made perfect sense of this album, really did it justice. I'd say its the band's first truly great avant garde album. Some parts are just so mind alteringly bassy and others are heavier than anything they've yet done. Album closer 'Alice' reminded me most of the show they did at the Oya festival in Oslo last year. A great record, though I doubt my stereo will sound so good.

In a similar sonic vein, KHANATE are fondly eulogised by myself and a horde of musical folks over at The Left Hand Path. I wish I had a picture of Alan Dubin's custom KHANATE Nike basketball boots. They were truly disconcerting.

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