Sunday, 13 July 2008

Welcome to the Temple

Welcome to the Temple of Nihilismus. The Temple is the public address organ of the Nihilismus project. Having presented previous clothing experiments in diverse London establishments, Nihilismus is now represented by Sane Communications for the purpose of press and sales. It is hoped that this new partnership will further spread Nihilismus' operations across the continent of Europe and allow for further interaction with seekers, acolytes and thinkers in communion with Mammon.
The premiere viewing of the 2009 range will take place in Berlin on July 17th. A new era begins.

New KALI design. Spengler quote. The inevitability of destruction: cultural, physical, personal.

New design. Yugoslavian church frescoe (possibly now destroyed), 1302, twinned with positive/negative Mansonism: a call for death or the magickal goal of destruction of the ego?

The Temple will be updated and expanded shortly. ''Get back to the horse.'' - Charles Manson, 1969

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